Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Introducing Kristen's Blog - 7.26.11

Hi Everyone!  I am pleased to announce that I will be starting this blog.  Please check back when you're able.  There will be more info to come! - Kristen


  1. Awesome! May the Lord bless your efforts as you love people for His glory!

  2. I understand you point and your amazing genes and ability to fight and stay positive. Some people just can't no matter what. This life ends,not how we want it always. sorry to be negative but your the one exeption that came out. truth be told no one makes it out of that situation. We have all beem in situations.some more than others,some luckier than others. your young and it's far better to overcome at that age. If you were 30 years older and been through alot more in addition to your 17 fight I'm not so sure that you would be here. how about everyone who has lost and really kept trying.Somethings come down to luck and genes. Your an exception. You may be a really good person but Everyone's story is differant. If they failed,they they just were given more than they could handle. No two are alike. I thought god would protect me from anything if i always tryed hard.even if I made some bad mistakes. but even good people with good hearts fail and if you believe in God it doesn't matter if you give up because he should know you had enough. Tell all the people who are never healed or died young or lost their minds that a miricle is going to happen. what do you tell them your a chosen one and it was't as bad for you because you have faith. Someday you will give up because we all do. That's life.we all die. i think we all can be saved but not all have the rebound you expirience you were lucky to have, tell people who are prying for deth in pain and he will ask you to leave them or kill them. everyones pain is differant. I would rather loose my legs than go through the life I led. Believe me!!!!! Soe are stronger than others that's a fact too in differant ways.

    Rich L

    1. Rich,
      I can tell by your response that you must have personal experience from which you are speaking. It sounds as though you, yourself, have experienced your own share of hurt and pain, and maybe still are. For that, I am very sorry. I agree with you that not everyone's story turns out as happy as Kristen's story has. And you are absolutely correct: everyone dies.
      Ultimately, I don't think the point of Kristen's story is that she didn't die. I think the point of her story is that as long as we are alive here on earth, there is HOPE. I dont know exactly where you are at in terms of the faith you hold, but i know based on her testimony that Kristen's life was changed NOT just because she didn't die physically, but because she discovered what new life looks like emotionally and spiritually. Many people believe that Jesus was a good man who lived on this earth, and others know He was sent to die in our place so that we could have eternal life. However, there is more to it than that. In the Bible, John 10:10 states that Jesus came to give us LIFE, and life ABUNDANTLY.
      Does that mean life on earth is easy? Certainly not. Jesus Himself said that we WILL face trouble in this world. But it does mean that when we live in a relationship with God, we can be filled with the hope of knowing we belong to Him, and that there is no problem too big or too small for Him to handle. No matter how depressed we are, how much hurt we carry, how many times we have been abused or how lonely we have been though out our lives, God wants to walk with us through that pain and heal us. THAT is Kristen's miracle. And you don't have to be anyone special to recieve it.
      I am in no way trying to minimize your own hurts and feelings. Rather, I just want you to know there IS hope. I would love to dialogue with you further about this. In the mean time I am praying for you.

  3. I have read you book and alot of things stood out to me. I want to say Thank You for telling your story and I hope one day to meet you. I am in Hospital now with depression and pray to get out of here it's been over 10 days and still waiting for answers.

    Thank You for your story and teaching me more about the Lord and how to handle some situations. All the best to you as you continue to tells others about the Lord threw your story. It's truly amazing!!!